Amigo Branding


Strategy, branding and development of two new South African dog food product ranges that were created for the local and export market

Cultivate was tasked to name and develop branding and packaging for a new dog food brand. The name Amigo (friend) was proposed as part of the strategy that "my best friend deserves the best". Only the best tasting natural ingredients are used in Amigo dog food and the brand had to convey a sense of trust and care. Subtle cues were included in the custom Amigo logotype such as a smile and a wagging tail. Friendly soft lines were used in the logo holding device and its curves were repeated in the tag line placement for each range.
The subsequent product range naming of "Integrity" and "Confidence" further strengthen the best friend relationship. The Integrity and Confidence product ranges are differentiated with key visual art direction, colour and foiled treatments to distinguish a basic and premium offering.
In all communication the focus is on the bond between owner and pet. The key visual of a lady and her dog support the brand message of friendship and care, while the Karoo landscape reinforces the sense of place and quality – local food for local dogs, using only the best locally sourced ingredients.
Amigo's social media campaign speaks directly to the South African consumer, showing familiar breeds and using an approachable and warm tone of voice. A unique graphic treatment was created that distinguishes Amigo from the competitors on this media platform. The visual language is stripped down to build brand awareness with dominant Integrity and Confidence colour palettes and typography.